Mine the Scrap Installation

Mine the Scrap is a data driven process that designs new structures algorithmically generated from existing scrap. Using computer vision and construction automation, we address the pressing need to convert waste into resource. The installation allows to experience an algorithm at work.

The project transforms irregular, non-uniform stocks of construction scrap into new forms, using pattern recognition to find beauty and intricacy in neglected waste. Mine the Scrap finds the unique best use of each piece in a new structure through a sophisticated process of scanning and classification.

By combining the logic of the quilt with customized shape and pattern detection used in self-driving cars and face-recognition, Mine the Scrap uses big data to tackle big waste. In effect, it creates a search engine for waste, and then uses this search engine to find the best material solution to design problems. Mine the Scrap not only creates minimum-waste material lifecycles, it also develops a new vocabulary of design that is fundamentally informed by resources.

A clip of the inside the algorithm video displayed at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.


Kasita Placement