Mine the Scrap Installation

A look inside the generative algorithm.

Mine the Scrap Software

Generative material re-use through machine vision.


Visualizing the history of inflatables

Knot Surfaces

Structures oscillating between 2D pattern and 3D volume.

Urban Mobility Futures

How autonomous cars will transform the city.

Spatial Recognition

A new search engine for form.

Spatial Analysis

Quantifying the qualitative.

Spatial Generation

Quickly test multiple schemes for a floorplan.

Micro Mobility

Multi-modal electric circulation

Enfilade Remix

An infinite parallax corridor

Form Maps

Remapping the planet’s buildings by formal similarity.

Edge Cases

Maximum effect with minimum material.

Frank Gehry Retrospective

Gehry Retrospective: Curated history of design technology.

Aerial Futures

A computational survey of airport typologies.

Paper Planes

Intricate forms from planar quads.

Topological Wiring

Adaptive infrastructure for media installations


Sentiment mining in architectural texts.

Algorithmic Consulting

Optimizing complex design.

Light Harmonies

Computational design before computation.